This channel became part of Show and co SRL on an experimental basis in the year 2019 and, the working transformation combined with the historical period experienced in the year 2020, have increased this branch.

In the first months of 2021, Show and co entered into two important collaborations with companies that only deal with online commerce and market digitalisation.

The birth of these collaborations allows us to transform our and your work from off-line to on-line.

Are you a company or do you have a commercial activityand are you looking to digitalise your business?

Contact us or write to us and, depending on your need, we will propose an ad hoc digitalisation offering you: social advertising campaigns, creation of websites, collaborations with influencers who work with us, coaching sessions and much more.

Are you an Artist and are you thinking of digitalising your image and your work?

Write to us or contact us and, thanks to the collaboration with a company specialized in e-commerce and virtual monetization, we will follow the transformation step by step with you. Your result is our goal. In this way you can become an entrepreneur of yourself.

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