Who Are We?

Show and Co SRL was born from the need of artists and customers.

The company develops an attentive service linked to organizations, communications and tax regularizations connected to the world of entertainment in all its forms and kinds.

The services offered are many and are aimed at all those who decide to organize an event, a demonstration, a show, a photographic service, an exhibition, a masterclass and much more.

Tax and social security regularization in the world of entertainment and culture is very tortuous, but the passion has pushed us to embrace both sectors, thus creating a union “made to art”.

For years we have specialized in the organization of events, in the management of events, in teaching and in tax management related to the world of entertainment.

Starting from the year 2020, the Company started a new employment relationship by opening the doors to the On-line / E-commerce / E-learning channel. The goal is to accompany the customer in the digitalization of the trade, providing him with the best professionals; aiming to improve the service related to Social, targeted advertising campaigns with the help of Influencers and Social media managers, so as to ensure an always optimal result, combined with reliability, serenity and preparation.

The flexibility of the structure ensures quick answers and efficient solutions for all your needs.

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